• Oxford Diecast Triumph TR4 Signal Red

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD

    For years I had this vision of seeing a line of Triumph TR's on a plinth, my mind works in 1's, 3's, 5's,7's and 10's.  


    Triumph TR4 Signal Red


    Back in 1961 you could have picked up one of these beauties for £1,000, which seems a snip at the price for a car that could hit 110mph. Over 40,000 were built - I just dream of the day that we could have cars like this rolling of the production lines in the UK - who knows.

    So I am pleased that the first of the Oxford Diecast TR's, the TR4 (76TR4001) will be releasing next week.

  • Oxford Diecast 1:76 Construction Range

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD

    The Oxford Construction range was announced in the last year. This means that there will be a build up of products in this category over the coming years. We started with Komatsu - the 76KOM001 Short Boom PC340 and the 76KOM002 Long Boom Komatsu.

    76KOM001 PC340 Komatsu Short Boom







    76KOM001 Short Boom Komatsu Already Released

    76KOM002 PC340 Komatsu Long Boom Excavator


    76KOM002 Long Boom Komatsu Already Released


    In April 2017 we have the following 1:76 models arriving:

    76LAN2016 Oxford Diecast Series II Land Rover          76FT027 Oxford Diecast JCB Ford Transit

    76LAN2016 Series II Land Rover LWB                         76FT027 Ford Transit SWB

    Also in development are the very interesting Excavators which are in various levels of tooling. The 1st two being the modern JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader and the earlier JCB Major Loader Mk1 Excavator. Shots are off the mould and modifications have been made to deal with weight distribution when lifting arms are extended.

    JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe Loader              JCB Major Loader Mk1 Excavator

    763CX001 JCB 3CX Eco Backhoe        76ML1001 JCB Major Loader Mk1 Excavator

    In January 2017 we announced the additional 1:76 scale excavator.

    76JS220 JS220 Tracked Excavator

    76JS220 JCB JS220 Major Loader Mk1 Excavator.

    We also announced at the same time we advised that we also had in tooling the JCB 531 70 Loadall

    JCB 531 70 Loadall JCB

    76LDL001 JCB 531 70 Loadall

    I can also confirm that both of these above two items are well ahead with 1st shots off the moulds that appeared in March 2017.

    The last item in the range is the Mercedes Actros Semi Low Loader JCB

    76MB010 Mercedes Actros Semi Low Loader JCB




    76MB010 Mercedes Actros Semi Low Loader JCB

  • Oxford Diecast Land Rover Series 1

    Posted by TAFF OXFORD

    Why do we have two different colour canvases on the 1:43rd scale Land Rover Series 1?

    It is because we went to Gaydon to colour match the canvas of HUE 166, which we thought was an excellent idea. However it was 2007 and we did colour match the canvas, but 2008 was the 60th anniversary of Land Rover and guess what someone decided to replace the canvas. We had matched to the weathered canvas, but the new restored canvas (which took place after our visit) was a different shade. We launched the LAN180001 with the faded canvas and the LAN180001P with the darker canvas, but only because I had already made the wrong colour canvas at the factory(or the right colour depending on your position).

    The 76LAN180001, the smaller version is one of the most popular Land Rovers we have released in our diecast vehicle range, as it was the 1st Land Rover it has special place in history.